In a city known for its nightlife but also for its lack of creative facilities, BODEGA is our mobile, multidisciplinary home. Wherever we touch down, we carefully construct a haven for newfound sounds and heartfelt connections. A platform where odd, bold and forward arts take center stage. A warm and welcoming space for nocturnal wonder.

Each edition of BODEGA is shaped around its own, unpolished location. Through our music and art programming, we offer emerging talents a temporary ground to experiment and flourish; to be heard, seen and break through. We place the same consistent emphasis on sound and sight, on art and architecture. BODEGA speaks to all the senses, without getting too solemn or serious (we’re all for tears in the club, but just as much for happy endings).

More than anything else, BODEGA is a community initiative. We’ve felt the bridging beauty of nightlife, and we’re here to give back just that. Sure, we’ve all heard the ‘club culture changes lives’ tropes and, yes, they get a little tired. Yet there’s nothing as uplifting as a night done right – and you won’t ever convince us otherwise.